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"I am running for Colorado Springs City Council because our quality of life is hanging in the balance.  With four city council seats open and a new mayor up for election, this election will affect the upward trends our city has experienced as we continue to grow."


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Lynette Crow-Iverson has built a business, raised a family, and been deeply involved in the wellbeing of Colorado Springs.  She cares about our city, where it is going, and the quality of life for its’ residence.  For all these reasons and more, Lynette is running for City Council. 

Lynette’s biggest priorities for Colorado Springs are:

  1. Public Safety

  2. Infrastructure

  3. Ensuring that Colorado Springs is attractive to business so that there are good jobs in this community.

This election is a tipping point for the city as Colorado Springs will elect a new Mayor and a new City Council.  The direction in which we grow as a community will be shaped by these elected officials.  We need strong leadership, which Lynette has in spades. 

We also need City Council members who can hit the ground running and understand the inner workings of our city.  This is Lynette.

Lynette has been an advocate for the city through her work on many boards and appointed commissions, including:​

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  • Regional Connect with UCCS

  • Regional Leaders Forum 

  • Pikes Peak Workforce Development Board for 8 years, 2 of which served as Board Chairwoman.

  • Colorado Springs Health Foundation Board, Founding Board Member appointed by Mayor Steve Bach and approved by the Colorado Springs City Council.  Went on to serve for 8 years.

  • Marijuana Task Force for the City of Colorado Springs

  • Plan Colorado Springs Committee

  • Managed the, “Yes on 2C” campaign for roads 

  • Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority Extension

  • Manager of Trails, Open Space, and Parks (“TOPS”) program.

  • UC Health Grandview Hospital, Board Chairwoman

For all of work within the city, Lynette has earned the Women of Distinction award from the Girl Scouts of America and the prestigious S. Jerrard Smith Community Service Award from the Pikes Peak Unity Way.

Lynette is highly qualified to serve on the Colorado Springs City Council.  Beyond her extensive qualifications, Lynette decisive but very thoughtful and not afraid to confront hard issues head on.  No matter if the position is popular, it just must be good for our city.

Lynette has two daughters who were raised and remain in the area.  They now have children and Lynette wants to ensure that Colorado Springs continues to grow the business community so that they will have great opportunities in the city that Lynette and her family love to call home.

Lynette and her husband are avid outdoorsman, truly embodying the Colorado spirit through and through.



Public Safety

Today, Colorado Springs has some of the highest homicide and auto theft rates in our history. I am dedicated to prioritizing our budget so that police and firefighters have the resources they need to keep our community safe. I will also advocate for policies that hold criminals responsible. This is personal for me. I have raised two daughters in Colorado Springs and have two granddaughters here. I want this to be a place that they want to work, live, and raise their children. We do not want to see Colorado Springs turn into other large cities, such as Denver, where homelessness and lawlessness drive out residents and businesses.  



Maintaining infrastructure is a critical component of quality of life and service to our residents. As we grow, we need to do so wisely, ensuring roads, drainage, and utility infrastructure are appropriately maintained and expanded to meet demand. In addition, we must preserve our beloved parks, a hallmark of Colorado Springs, that provide experiences in the beautiful outdoors that attract many families to our city. Partnerships with organizations like Trails, Open Space, and Parks (TOPS) and Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority are critical to achieving those goals. 


Family finances are strained under the weight of inflation and businesses struggle under expensive government policies. We can drive down costs, keep taxes low, and encourage a thriving economy in Colorado Springs by getting government out of the way. A healthy economy, driven by our resilient residents means a better quality of life for us all. I am committed to a low tax burden for our citizens and businesses and a  low-regulation environment that allows for economic growth. A healthy economy is essential to providing good jobs for residents and attracting businesses that provide services and products that residents want. The way to get there is to allow market forces to drive our economy, respect private property rights, and guide smart growth. According to the Home COS Plan, more than 3,000 people per year move into the Pikes Peak region. This will require robust conversations and collaboration with stakeholders and is important especially when drafting plans and city codes such as PlanCOS, RetoolCOS, and Colorado Springs Utilities plans and processes.



We need your help to get the word out about Lynette.

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